Our candidates for the 2018 General Election

   Welcome to the   

   Independent American Party

                         Of Nye County

   Welcome to the   

   Independent American Party

                         Of  Nye County

     Career Politicians are the problem

                We’re here to replace Career Politicians

                        by voting for single term candidates

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Vote for

Lance Roy Schaus

County Treasurer

If you believe as I do, that “WE THE PEOPLE” should run the government and NOT the government run us, then hear this! Pam Webster, a career bureaucrat,  was never elected to any County office. Now she was appointed by the County Commissioners as Nye County Treasurer in control of every dollar that passes through the county office, and you had no say-so as to who is caring for your hard earned tax dollars.

Numbers don’t lie! Pam Webster would be the only name on the ballot in November if not for Lance and the Independent American Party.  2/3's of the Republicans in her own party alone, voted against her for this office.

No other voters had any opportunity to pick who should represent them in this vital County position. With the four big upsets that transpired in the primary election and now with four great IAP candidates we have the greatest opportunity to take back this country that we live in and show the State and nation that “WE THE PEOPLE” are ready and willing to govern ourselves to the benefit of all.             Vote Lance Roy Schaus your new County Treasurer.

The Nye candidates


     Andy Alberti


    Sheila Winn


    Mike Noyes


    Lance Roy Schauss

Register and Vote Independent American Party.