Our candidates for the 2018 General Election

   Welcome to the   

   Independent American Party

                         Of Nye County

   Welcome to the   

   Independent American Party

                         Of  Nye County

     Career Politicians are the problem

                We’re here to replace Career Politicians

                        by voting for single term candidates

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Vote for

Michael Noyes

County Recorder

     Since the elections in 2016, I have watched both major parties sink to unspeakable lows that compelled me to step up to the plate and run for public office.When I watched the Democrat Party descend into violence,  chaos, and total disrespect of opposing views and half of the Republican Party stabbing their own President in the back, I knew it was time to put aside the" party mentality" and encourage people to look at the principles and policies of people who are running for public offices.

          We can't at this time make any real changes in the eastern swamp of Washington D.C. However,we can make a legitimate and serious change in Nye county. Yes folks,we do have our own mini swamp in the happy Hamlet of Pahrump. Real change comes from real choice of people of principles and following the rule of law.

           I want to see in the Recorder's office a move back to 5 days a week including lunch hour so our office will be open from 8:00am straight though 5pm , digitize all our records for accurate and safe storage and to save on operating cost by consolidating county resources.This is so we can truly  be servants of the people .For more principles that the Independent American Party believe in and support, please check out the rest of our Party platform. I look for your support and vote on November 6th for Mike Noyes, Nye County Recorder.

The Nye candidates


     Andy Alberti


    Sheila Winn


    Mike Noyes


    Lance Roy Schauss

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