Our candidates for the 2018 General Election

   Welcome to the   

   Independent American Party

                         Of Nye County

   Welcome to the   

   Independent American Party

                         Of  Nye County

     Career Politicians are the problem

                We’re here to replace Career Politicians

                        by voting for single term candidates

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U S Senator

Kamau Bakari

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State candidates

U S Senator

    Kamau Bakari


   Russell Best

Lieutenant Governor   

   Janine Hansen

Attorney General

     Joel Hansen


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         A Bright Idea for Congress   -    Honesty    -    Integrity

Kamau is different. He's a businessman, not a politician, and he will fight to stop the spending and debt that are bankrupting our country.

Kamau is exactly the kind of Constitutional conservative that will bring the voice of the working class to Washington, D.C.

It is time we defend the Constitution, all of it. We need to abolish the IRS, expand energy, expand school choice, pass a balanced budget amendment, stop lawlessness, repeal every word of Obamacare, and end corruption.

Together, if we continue to rise up -- to speak the truth -- we can restore our Shining City On a Hill. For liberty,

Are you tired of politicians who talk "right" but when elected they vote "left"

We need a new Citizen U S Senator who will bring integrity back to the office.

Time for citizen leaders and put an end to career politicians who have as their only objective to maintain their career as an elected official.

Andrew Alberti Jr, Patriot