Our candidates for the 2018 General Election

   Welcome to the   

   Independent American Party

                         Of Nye County

   Welcome to the   

   Independent American Party

                         Of  Nye County

     Career Politicians are the problem

                We’re here to replace Career Politicians

                        by voting for single term candidates

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Nevada Attorney General

Joel Hansen

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State candidates

U S Senator

    Kamau Bakari


   Russell Best

Lieutenant Governor   

   Janine Hansen

Attorney General

     Joel Hansen


     Bill Hoge


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Ten Points I promise to Restore Consitutional Government and the People's Rights

1.I will sponsor legislation to enforce the provisions of the Nevada Taxpayer's Bill of Rights.

2. Make our schools safe: Willing educators should be armed and trained to protect themselves and their students from mass shootings.

3. Illegal Immigration: Nevada law enforcement will cooperate with federal authorities by notifying them of illegal aliens arrested and/or convicted of crimes.

4. Public lands: Nevada law says that Nevada owns our public lands. I will strive to help Nevadans use public lands without interference from federal agents.

5. Local Law Enforcement: I will encourage Nevada Sheriffs to assume their proper role as the highest law enforcement officers in their counties.

6. Elder Abuse: I will prosecute unscrupulous court “guardians” who steal the life savings of elderly people and evict them from their homes. I will put a stop to this terrible racket.

7. Body Cameras: Policemen should carry body cams and keep them rolling throughout any encounter to hold people and police accountable.

8. Constitutional Right to a Jury Trial: Current laws deprive citizens who have issues with government agencies of their right to a jury trial—instead, they only get a hearing before an administrative “kangaroo” court. I will work to restore jury trials in citizen v. agency legal disputes.

9. Protect Homeowners from HOA Abuses: Some homeowners association boards run rough shod over the members of their associations. Due process rights for homeowners must be protected.

10. Restore Separation of Powers: I will rescind an old attorney general’s opinion which allows state employees to be legislators—where they can vote themselves pay raises.