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When a citizen decides to campaign for public office, they campaign on promises to their constituents. Promises that amount to a verbal contract with the voters.

In the beginning, before they decide that the life of a career politician suits them, they may believe their promises.

So what happens? Usually the people the candidate was dealing with during the campaign lose contact with him/her.

Now a new group communicates with your elected person. Those who want something and can help with future contributions to their re-election.

The incumbent is constantly looking for money as contributions and provides favored access to those who can  provide. After all, it’s a career.

Are you surprised at the outcome? You shouldn’t be. There is plenty of evidence.

Nevada family dynasties in politics.

Check out Length of time in Congress

Examples of power family members in Nevada politics. Democrat Clark County Commission Rory Reid, son of Democrat U.S. Senator Harry Reid, D-Nev.,  

Jessica Sferrazza, daughter of former Reno mayor Pete Sferrazza;

Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, daughter of former Clark County Commissioner Manny Cortez;

Democrat Secretary of State Ross Miller, son of past Gov. Bob Miller; and Republican Danny Tarkanian, son of Democratic Las Vegas City Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian.

Then there are salary figures and retirement income as disclosed on transparent Nevada.

Nye County isn’t any different.  There are too many family members working in Nye County government. If the subject comes up, the stock answer is…we just don’t have the population of large counties. We only have 44,000 people. Meanwhile the career politicians have been busy looking out for themselves. It’s time to end cronyism and appearance of nepotism in Nye county.

Register and Vote Independent American Party.

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     Career Politicians are the problem

                We’re here to replace Career Politicians

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We have excellent candidates who will represent you with integrity.

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