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   Welcome to the   

   Independent American Party

                         Of Nye County

   Welcome to the   

   Independent American Party

                         Of  Nye County

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Your Nye County Assessor is the elected official who is responsible for the security of your data. Pam Webster, County manager at the time, claimed the County owned the equipment and didn’t need a warrant to seize the computers which contained all the data.

After the raid, an inquiry as to any written reports about the raid by the Sheriff, The D A, who at the time was Brian Kunzi, and the FBI were found to be non existent. Something as important as a publicly reported raid of the Assessors office, written by Matt Ward, editor of the Pahrump Valley Times newspaper, didn’t even get a one liner as to the idnetity of those FBI government officials. We couldn’t even get the names of the FBI agents from Las Vegas. Not even in Washington D C.

It was also stated that it was the Assessor who had charge for the security of the building. Pam Webster and Sheree Stringer invaded the office during evening hours for undisclosed reasons.

It is also the Assessor who manages the employees and should have complete control of the departments activities. Interestingly emails between the Assessor and the Human Relations manager showed contradicting claims by H R to the assessor.


What was done to the data? Where are the reports? Who were the FBI agents? Who called for and organized the raid? Who notified Matt Ward of the raid and if this can happen, who runs the Department? If bureaucrats and employees can take control, who will come to the aid of the individuals who are voted to be watchdogs for you.

Five years ago the County Assessor, Shirley Matson, was under siege by the Nye County elected officials and Employees, past and current.  As a result there was a raid on the Assessors office by the Sheriff, the District  Attorney and 2 FBI agents.  Computers were seized without a warrant and held for five days for unknown reasons and then returned. There was also a break in after that by then employee, Sheree Stringer and then County Manager Pam Webster.

As a candidate for Assessor I have some questions and so should you.

It’s time to end cronyism and appearance of nepotism in Nye county.

Register and Vote Independent American Party.